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Classical training is more than learning classical music.

It trains the skills you need to play all styles and levels of music.

This skill and knowledge is exactly what you need to communicate your ideas and emotions through the piano.

Many people make the mistake that learning piano is about pressing the right keys. Relying on apps, tutorials or lessons that focusing on learning to play certain notes or chords.

The truth is, you must train technique refine foundational skills to...

  • Play with speed, fluency and accuracy
  • Have confidence with note reading
  • Have coordination between the hands
  • Communicate and express your emotions and ideas through your music
  • Utilize the body without tension and stiff movements
  • Train motivation—yes, practice strategies and motivation are trained!
  • Have Quality over Quantity—learning more pieces does not equal more skill

You need to train your technique if:

  • You learn piece after piece, but never sound musical like you should
  • Reading notes feels totally unnatural (you should be able to read notes as easily as reading this text)
  • Your hands and arms can't seem to work together, or independently
  • You know that music should express emotion, but you aren't sure how to make that come out.
  • The Piano Foundation Formula is the only roadmap you need to make MUSIC with skill playing the piano. Classical training allows you to build the tools you need to make music that only you can.


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“…attending your course is the best decision that I have ever made in my piano playing journey.…you taught me that anything is possible with the right tools in place!”

Jasmine K., Singapore

I meet people who avoid classical training because they think it will be too hard. But the truth is...

Proper training makes it easier

There’s a reason your music doesn't sound the way you feel it should.

I’ve worked with many students who have worked for years with teachers or with apps, thinking they are making it easier by not learning the skills.

But our bodies and minds are perfectly designed for the speed, intricacy, expression on the piano. Once you develop what movements to train, you have what you need to build your vocabulary of sound.

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“I’ve never heard someone articulate so well how neuroscience, mental health, our body mechanics and the daily habits we lay out in the brain will lay the foundation for success.

Jen S., Canada

Steve B., United Kingdom

“The way this course was conducted was fabulous. Completely engaging and inclusive. Incredibly well thought out and structured empowering the student the find their own level and challenges. A course I would be very pleased to recommend to any pianist looking to put in place a solid well informed foundation that will have a positive effect on their future musical endeavors.”

Edith L., USA

“I think Carmen did an excellent job and the amount of value I took away for the price was amazing. I had been paying $165 USD a month for piano lessons earlier this year and learned pretty much nothing besides playing pieces out of Method books and I felt I could do that on my own. The information shared with us in this course was never mentioned to me and I can't express how grateful I am to have found Carmen's course on Instagram.”

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This is great. I never got any of this in previous lessons.” Phil G., USA

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“. . . more info in these 9 minutes than in 4 years of undergrad music studies. . . . simple and confidence-building...rather than high-pressure and terrifying!”

Paul L., USA

“I just want to express how dumbstruck I feel! I've learn to play the keys without really knowing the meaning of these keys! Thank you for this really strike a chord with me.”

Annie Y., Singapore

I’m going to show you how we cut through the noise, and get results.

Join Piano Foundation Formula™

Piano Foundation Formula is currently offered exclusively inside my global learning program and community Momentum Piano Academy™

Don’t take my word for it...

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